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About us


Hi! My name is Julia, and I am the creator of The Little Poncho. I was born in and grew up in South America. I now live in Austin, Texas, and have two beautiful and very active little ones.
The Little Poncho was born out of a thoughtful gift from family. While traveling in Ecuador, my sister purchased an adorable little poncho for my son. It reminded me of my childhood and I absolutely loved it. So soft and cozy!
We initially used the poncho as a blanket for my infant son in his stroller. If he fell asleep, it was so easy to pull off – no sleeves! As he grew, he started to wear the poncho for outings and it quickly became a go-to extra layer. After my son learned to walk, he continued to wear the poncho to the park, to the playground, for a scooter ride, and – anywhere and everywhere! We always got so many compliments (it looks so cute on). When it got dirty (and it did get dirty), I simply threw it in the washing machine. Needless to say, my son and I both love his poncho, and I wanted to bring the beauty and ease of the poncho to children everywhere!
On my search for a ponchos, I met Rey. For generations, his father's family has worked with traditional wooden looms creating textiles for sweaters, tablecloths, ponchos and more. He now owns and operates a facility in Peguche, Ecuador where 30 local artisans and makers work together to produce high-quality, beautiful handicrafts.
I hope you enjoy your little poncho as much as we love ours!